International School of Chonburi


Leavers Assembly 2017

Our first, annual Leavers Assembly was held in June to recognize the Year 6 students who will be moving to secondary schools. Ms. Lily, their teacher, spoke personally to them about their journey through primary school. The students, each took an aspect of their school lives, and spoke on behalf of each other. They thanked their parents and teachers, and talked about how important their friends are, how unique their class was, and what they have learned. They have contributed greatly to school life in their time at ISC and will be missed. We wish them all the best in their new schools.

Key Stage 2 production of Matilda

Lights! Cameras! Action! The school year finished on a joyful note with the fabulous production of Matilda by our Key Stage 2 students. The time and effort the students put in to memorizing lines and their stage craft was very obvious in the final performance. Congratulations to everyone involved!

End of the Year Music Concert 2017

Each year, we look forward to our end of year concert as it showcases all our students and the progress they have made in music, and their social development, over the year. The progression in the curriculum from Early Years to Year 6 is very evident. It is always a pleasure to see how the students are inspired to do their best and to just enjoy the moment. Their enjoyment was contagious. Everyone involved in the concert should be very proud of themselves.

Violin Concert 2017

The concert is the culmination of Khun Narong\\\'s work with his violin students over the year. They learn the intricacies of the instrument as well as the etiquette of performing. The effort the children make was very obvious to the audience, who enjoyed seeing the progression from beginners to what can be achieved by Year 6 students. Practice does make perfect! Congratulations to all performers and to Khun Narong

Year 5/6 Field Trip - Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall

As part of their Thailand topic, our year 5 and 6 students spent a day at the newly renovated Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall in Bangkok. The exhibition is divided into nine halls, each focusing on the artistic and cultural legacies of the Rattanakosin Era, which dates from 1782 until the present. The history of the era is displayed through a variety of interactive and self learning displays. In particular, the students learned a great deal about the kings of the Rama dynasty and the modernization of Thailand.

Book Week 2017

Students at ISC love books, stories and rhymes. They are built into their daily routines to inspire a love of reading and all the lifelong benefits this brings. During Book Week, we celebrated books and the gift of reading through a variety of school wide and class activities. Every day, everyone in school dropped everything and read at the same time. Key Stage 2 students ran a Readers Corner, Year 5 and 5 students invited all the classes to their room to see a puppet show they had written and teachers did a “surprise” skit. Character Day was the highlight as children came dressed as favourite book characters and showed them off in an assembly.

Year 5/6 Field Trip - ANZAC Day in Kanchanaburi

Our Year 5 and 6 students spent ANZAC (Australia, New Zealand Army Corps) Day on April 25 in Kanchanaburi. As their topic was World War 2, it was a relevant and informative residential. Over three days they; attended the dawn service at Hellfire Pass to honour the allied servicemen who worked on the railway, reflected on how they felt as they walked through Chungkai cemetery, took the train to Thamkra-sae to view one of the remaining wooden trestle bridges and visited the Burma Railway Center. In the cemetery, one student commented on how the spreading tree branches seemed to be protecting the fallen soldiers. Through out the trip, the students were thoughtful, respectful and wonderful representatives of the school.

Earth Day 2017

Earth Day, on April 22 each year, reminds our students of the ways they can help to take care of their world. Every day, they are Earth\'s caretakers. This Earth Day, the focus was on planting and reusing items for plant pots. The Student Council started an initiative to collect paper, that had been used on both sides, and take it to the Blind School. There, it is used for printing in braille. The children continued to focus on taking only one tissue to dry their hands. Every little bit helps.

Songkran 2017

Songkran provides us with an opportunity to be respectful towards the culture of our host country. Part of this, was working with our children to understand that parts of the country are facing severe drought, so we should celebrate Songkran in the traditional way and not waste water. During the morning children put flags in a sand chedi, paid respects to their elders and happily poured small containers of water on the shoulders of friends, wishing them all the best for the Thai New Year.

Year 3/4 Field Trip - Baan Khru Thani

Baan Khru Thani is a self sustaining farm in Pathum Thani and was the host to our Year 3 and 4 children during their residential. The children not only learned the responsibilities and traditional methods that come with running a farm, but also learned that farming can be fun. The group was full of smiles and laughter while washing and riding a buffalo, driving a tractor, paddling boats and catching frogs and fish. The best time, however, may have been when our rice planting chore turned into a slip and slide mud bath. They were covered in mud from head to toe, with only the whites of their eyes and toothy smiles slipping through. By the end of our stay, the children, teachers and staff at Baan Khru Thani had created some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

International Day 2017

When children live overseas events like International Day give them the opportunity to proudly represent and reconnect with their own cultures. We have 20 nationalities so International Day is truly as multi cultural event. Students wore traditional clothes or colours and represented their countries in a parade of nations and performances. The international buffet that parents provided was the best buffet in town. It is a very memorable event.

Year 2 Field Trip - Khao Kheow Es-Ta-Te

In January, our Year 2 class had the opportunity to go on their first overnight trip as a class. Students spent the night at Khao Kheow Zoo Camping Resort. Everyone had a great time journeying into the jungle, looking at the animals, and going to the Night Safari. The students were given the chance to feed animals, go on scavenger hunts, and creat art with objects found in nature. Students had an amazing opportunity to explore and further their knowledge of living things and their habitats. For many of the students, this was their first time spending the night away from their families. They showed their great bond for one another, as well as their own resilience by handling this short separation so well. In return for this bravery, students got memories that will last a lifetime.

Sports Day 2017

On your marks...get set...go! Our annual Sports Day was a perfect way for the students to demonstrate their improving gross motor skills. The emphasis was on team work, cooperation and fun. Many thanks to our parent volunteers for all their help.

Memorial to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

In December, the school community, joined together to commemorate the life of His Late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It was a moving ceremony that paid homage to his long life, his love for his country, and the many ways he worked to improve the lives of the Thai people.

A Musical Afternoon 2016

We got in to the spirit of the holiday season with our musical afternoon. It featured a production of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas by our Key Stage 1 students, and celebrated the achievements of our music program through song, dance and instruments. The confidence with which children performed on stage was a credit to them and their teachers.

Loy Krathong 2016

Loy Krathong gives international schools in Thailand an opportunity to celebrate one of the loveliest of the Thai festivals. ISC students are taught to respect and value our host country and this was evident through out the morning. Students came to school in a variety of Thai clothes and gracefully greeted Thai staff with a wai. They performed the Rum Wong for their parents, and made and floated colourful krathongs.