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Deputy Head of School

Kia Ora and Sawasdee Kha. I'm Linden McDougall, the Deputy Head of School at ISC, and very fortunate to be able to call New Zealand and Thailand home.

I have been both, a student at international schools in Thailand and a teacher, first coming to Thailand as a child and then marrying a Thai and making my life here.
I left Thailand to finish high school and go to university and teachers college in New Zealand

My husband and I have two wonderful sons: Boss and Sam. I treasure family and friends and love getting the Sunday morning paper and finding a cafe somewhere to read it. I never miss a rugby game when the All Blacks are playing and find the perfect balance, coming to ISC each day, where the staff, parents and children give me great pleasure.



Early Years 1 Teacher

Before we get a chance to meet and start this experience together, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Nikol, and this year is my seventh year of teaching at ISC, where I have been working as a teacher and a toddler group coordinator since 2012.

Before teaching at ISC, I was a teacher/volunteer at Hand-to-Hand Foundation Preschool and a classroom teacher at Mountain Smile International School for Children with Special Needs. I earned my Master’s Degree in Modern Languages from Palacky University in the Czech Republic, my home country, and my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Ashworth College in Georgia, USA.

I firmly believe young children learn through play and personal experience. It is my role, as a teacher and educator, to prepare a rich and stimulating environment and give my student’s time to construct their own learning. I facilitate the learning by planning activities and lessons based on children's interests, asking the questions that lead to understanding, and actively engaging myself in the activities, alongside the children.



Early Years 2 Teacher

My name is Ms. Gede Lou M. Alejan and I teach Early Years 2. I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Education, Specializing in Early Childhood at West Visayas State University in the Philippines.

Prior to teaching at ISC, I lived and taught in Denmark for two years. I enjoyed teaching Danish children as much as I did learning from them. I learned to speak the language and learned to ‘hygge,’ which means to relax after work and enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

My training and education background have taught me to love and embrace diversity in a multicultural school. This is my seventh year at ISC and I am immensely thankful to have this opportunity to teach, and help children to learn and grow. It is also a privilege to work with a team of dedicated, compassionate and phenomenal staff.

When I'm not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have two beautiful children, Psalm (who is in EY1) and Isaiah. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Rommel, for four years now.

I strive to make a difference by teaching future leaders and decision makers!



Early Years 3 Teacher

My name is Usoa Toledo and I am from Spain. I speak three languages Basque, Spanish and English and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education (Mondragon University, Spain) and a Master’s degree in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication (University of Eastern Finland, Finland).

After finishing my Bachelor’s studies, I worked for 2 years as English as foreign language teacher with children between 3 and 16 years old. Later, I had internships in Finnish primary schools as an English teacher and worked as a Spanish foreign language teacher with primary school children.

For the last academic year I have been working at an international kindergarten in Helsinki which uses the UK national curriculum. During this year, I had the amazing opportunity to interact and teach children of differing age-groups.

My teaching philosophy is child centered. I believe that children are naturally curious, eager to learn and discover their environment. For this reason, I always bring children’s’ interests, needs and close realities into the core of the teaching and learning process. I strongly believe that meaningful learning happens when we are involved and engaged on what we are doing.

I love to visit different countries and get to know new people and cultures as well as keep developing my communication skills. I also enjoy sports, volunteering for organizations and taking part in free time activities with youngsters.

I am very excited to move to Thailand, get familiar with the school and meet you and your children. I will put everything into making your children’s learning time at ISC not only meaningful but also fun by building happy and warm memories.



Years 1 Teacher

I am so excited to be joining the team here at International School Chonburi and meeting you all! I have been teaching kindergarten and primary students in Thailand for 3 years and love the experience of working with the students in a fun and creative environment. I am always so proud to see the students learn and grow throughout the year.

I am originally from the beautiful city of Newcastle upon Tyne in England where I gained my BA Joint Honors Degree. I have continued my education during my time in Thailand gaining certification in Support and teaching in schools as well as Special Educational Needs. I love to travel and discover new cultures and foods especially if there is a beautiful beach or two!

I enjoy reading and keeping fit in my spare time. I am a huge Disney fan so I love getting to chat with students about the latest movies and toys.



Years 2 Teacher

My name is Jaki Jalin and I am delighted to be joining the ISC team. I am 26 years old and originally from the UK. I started my career in teaching about 5 years ago when I first was given a small taste of teaching in Thailand as an English teacher and I absolutely fell in love with it.

Fostering the development of children’s learning quickly became a passion of mine and so I began my mission to one day come back to teach at an International school! It took a TEFL, a PGCE as well as many sleepless nights but I am so excited to have the opportunity to help children reach their full potential whilst learning in an exciting and enjoyable environment. Besides teaching, another passion of mine is music, which I like to enjoy in my spare time, whether it’s going to a concert or performing with a few friends.



Years 3 Teacher

My name is Kelly Hart. I am from a small town called Cathcart in South Africa. I grew up on a farm and I have been to boarding school since I was 6 years old.

I enjoy reading in my spare time, sports and the outdoors. I also have a passion for cooking.

When I finished school, I took a GAP year, and worked at a school in the UK. This is where my passion for teaching came from, as I enjoyed working with the children so much. When I came back to South Africa in 2012 I did my Bachelors in Education degree and Bachelors in Educational support honours degree at Stellenbosch University.

I also look forward, very much, to be working at ISC and to meet all the lovely people.



Years 4 Teacher

My name is Paul Moffatt, the Year 4 teacher for the upcoming academic year at ISC. My undergraduate degree was attained at Napier University in Edinburgh in Finance, while I studied education as a postgraduate student attaining the PGCE qualification. Prior to retraining as an educator, I worked in investments for a large multinational investment management firm but found this career path to be quite unfulfilling. This led me down the path of seeking out my passion, which I ultimately found in the classroom.

I have been teaching for almost 6 years now in the international education sector and during this time I have gained experience across a range of different age groups. I have worked as a teacher for Key Stage 2 and 3, as well as Math, Economics and Business Studies teacher for upper secondary students.

I endeavor to make my classes as interesting and varied as possible, while ensuring that each child in my classroom receives my individual attention during their learning journey. It will also be my aim that we do not only adhere to academics. We will also develop the creative skills of students by finding areas of particular interest to them and enabling them to be active learners and participants in the process of their own learning.

I enjoy a range of sports and physical activities in my free time, as well as spending time with my two year old daughter and helping her discover the world she lives in and develop her curiosity about the natural world.

I am looking forward to getting started in the classroom, meeting all the students and parents and to get started on this year’s adventure!



Years 5/6 Teacher

Hi, I’m Dan Maduka and I am from the U.K. I hold a Bachelor’s in Media & Society and a degree in Education from Sunderland University.

My teaching career began as a kids’ holiday camp instructor in Thailand. I enjoyed the experience so much that I studied to become an EAL teacher. I then worked as a secondary school teacher for two years before moving into primary education for a further two years. During this time, I completed a long-distance course in Education from the University of Sunderland.

My mum is also a teacher and instilled a sense of learning and discovery in me from an early age. I aim to share this love of learning with my students and always encourage my children to ask questions and seek out answers. I strive to ensure learners are active in class and assume the initiative in their education. Above all, I hope to engage my students by approaching topics in an creative and fun way.

I enjoy new experiences and exploring different cultures have been living in Thailand for four years. I’ve also lived abroad in Australia, Fiji and Brazil. When I ’m not in the classroom I enjoy playing football and learning the guitar.

I’m really excited about the year ahead.


Khun Tai

Art Teacher

There is a poem, Butterfly in the Wind, that inspires me when I teach Art. It asks us not to compare children, because each child is different but they all do the best that they can. I see this in every child in my Art classes and I am proud of each final piece that they produce.

I am from Ban Bueng in Chonburi, the fourth daughter of five children. I went to Chiang Rai for university but came back to Chonburi because of my family. I'm lucky to have them close by so I get to go home on the weekends to be taken care of by my mum. This is my second year teaching Art at ISC. I have found that art has always relaxed me and challenged me creatively. I also enjoy traveling. One of my goals is to visit every national park in Thailand with my friends. Another is to teach art to children in a rural school in Thailand.

The ISC community is like another family and I enjoy working here very much.



Music Teacher

My name is Liliedale Gladden and I am from The Philippines. It has always been my passion to follow in my dad’s footsteps to be an inspirational teacher since I was very young. After I graduated high school I have a Bachelor of Elementary Education and a specialization in primary music.

I have also worked as a Homeroom teacher for children between the ages of 3 to 7 years old so I understand the needs of every individual child that walks into my classroom. Teaching children is an honour I take seriously as I am helping to shape their lives and using my skills to create a perfect environment for them to learn and grow.

I have a number of Hobbies such as playing basketball and volleyball. Of course, being a music teacher I love singing, dancing and performing arts, my number one passion in this area is playing the piano.

I am blessed to be able to travel the world and teach and am delighted to be in Thailand. I am keen to learn the language and culture of this amazing country and I hope my enthusiasm and passion shines through to every child who steps into music class at ISC.



P.E. Teacher

Hello! My name is Mr Joe and I am the PE and Swimming teacher. I have been teaching for 9 years since I graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education. Four years of that was in the Philippines and I have spent another five years at other international schools in Bangkok. I enjoy sharing my knowledge about sports and find joy in seeing children grow up with a “healthy mind and body.”

I love to do adventurous sports and have completed a couple of Olympic distance triathlons. I hope to do a full one by the end of next year.

Being with such a wonderful community at ISC is one of the best things that has happened to me and I’m looking forward to learning and growing more as a person. I am very proud to be a part of the ISC family!

Mr. Joe


Khun Pray

Teacher of Thai

Sawaddee kha,

My name is Pray Charuchinda. I teach Thai to Thai students (Thai Language) and Non-Thai students (Thai Studies). I have been a Thai teacher for 15 years in international schools and have worked at ISC for 5 years.

I did my Masters Degree at Dhurakijpundit University, majoring in Business Communication (PR and Advertising Marketing). At the same time, I worked with my uncle's production company for Channel 3, Thailand. I was an Assistant Director. I enjoyed this work but in my mind, I thought this is not for me. I love children and I wanted to stay or work with them.

I feel all children are like a white cloth. As adults, our job is to give them colour. At home, I live with my retired parents and our family cat. We enjoy cooking, eating and spending time together.