ISC Open Day Fair

Our first ever 'Open Day fair' was held in June with people from all over Pattaya coming by to check out the school and partake in the festivities. Both staff and business friends of ISC hosted stalls and money was donated to Hand 2 Hand as a result.

International Day 2018

International Day is a wonderful celebration of the diversity of our school community. Children and their parents come from all over the world to live in Thailand and this is reflected in the performances, cuisine and language heard throughout the school on this great day!

ISC Sports Day 2018

Sports day is the number one event for students with which competition runs through their veins. Students are put through a number of different obstacles where the main objective is to enjoy yourself and to play hard and fair. At ISC we firmly believe a healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. 

Loy Krathong 2017

Loy Krathong is an important day on our calendar, which we make sure we celebrate by wearing traditional Thai dress, dancing the Rum Wong, creating Krathongs and floating them in our pool.

Wai Kru 2017

Wai Kru is a special day in all of Thailand where students give thanks to their teachers for all of the wisdom that is bestowed upon them. The ceremony itself is a great honour for teachers and students alike.

Songkran 2017

Songkran is an important holiday in Thailand and at ISC we celebrate with our host country. We combine Thai traditions with modern ones. This means a super-fun water fight!