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April 27, 2017

Je m'exprime en français pour tous ceux qui seraient indécis dans leur choix d'une école internationale. Nous sommes parents de deux enfants âgés de 3 et 6 ans. ISC est une opportunité rare pour les enfants. L'école est très agréable et la qualité d'éducation est excellente. Les enfants ne parlaient que français à leur arrivée et se sont adaptés à une vitesse impressionnante à leur environnement anglophone. Ils se sont fait des amis et ont fait d'énormes progrès dans toutes les matières. Ils ont côtoyé des enfants d'origine différente pour leur plus grand bien durant ces 9 derniers mois. ISC est devenue comme une famille pour nous et c'est avec un immense regret que nous partons.

Thank you to Ms Linden, Ms Laxmi, Ms Chantelle, Ms Ged, Khun Eye and Khun Milk. Thank you for the excellent job you did. I don't find enough words to express how much I'm thankful.

We missed you.

Audrey and Antoine 

April 27, 2017

Our son attended ISC for just over a year and he has really enjoyed his time there. The staff were fantastic and made our family feel very welcome. Highly recommended to any family looking for quality education for their children.


April 27, 2017

“I would like to take this opportunity to pass my thanks to all member of ISC School. My daughter was started ISC School when she was 5 years old in Year 1, now she is step to year 4. The best school we have ever encountered. ISC has friendly, family like atmosphere. Great teachers, motivated and professional team. Friendly and welcoming staff. Everyone happy to be there both the staff and student. Especially Miss Linden is kind and helpful to all children. This school helps new student adopt to a different learning and requirement system, always ready to help the child overcome of the learning process. Student enroll at the ISC have the advantage of interacting with various culture which aid in social development in a positive manner .they utilize experiential learning by doing rather than workbooks. We have felt very comfortable in this school, we love ISC.

Satyaranjana Sahu

September 21, 2016

As a parent, one of the most important decisions we have to make is where our children will receive their education. In choosing ISC for our son, we made a decision we knew would positively Impact him for a lifetime. The journey he had at ISC was one that allowed him to flourish as an individual and really grow by learning with others.

ISC has a unique quality about their approach to education. The foundation they have created is one we knew that would best guide our son through his education, and life. 

We found a place that acknowledged him for who he is; introduced him to friends of all ages; developed his intellect with creativity and confidence; encouraged and inspired him; and established a love and respect for education, his educators, friends, and himself. 

It was an experience that brought our son more joy then we could have ever asked for. 

ISC has a special place in our hearts. 

Charles and Michelle Jeffries 

June 27, 2016

"We had chosen ISC because we preferred a smaller school with a personal and warm touch. This expectation has been fully met during our son's years in kindergarten, pre-school and grade 1 - 2 until we moved back home. We have always been impressed how Linden, the Head of School, managed to know every single student and has been concerned about their well-being. The team focuses not only on educational aims but also helps the children to care for others, develop personality and self-confidence, and contribute to the community. The children had access to a wide range of subjects, projects and activities. Our son had a wonderful time at ISC and is still talking fondly about his years there. We would like to thank the whole team at ISC for their wonderful support of our son and can recommend ISC as a very children-friendly international school to any parents. "

All very best,

Karin Hawelka

January 8, 2016

We chose to send our children to ISC because of the small school environment and the learn through play model that the school offers in the early years program. We were not disappointed and loved that our girls were encouraged to be creative and use their imaginations whilst still learning the foundations they needed for primary school.

The facilities are great and allow the children to explore, run around, swim, and be engaged on many levels. Having 4 years at ISC we enjoyed the small class sizes, community spirit and cultural activities that are unique to an international school environment.

The staff are very friendly and approachable and were not only educators but an extended support system for the children (and us) when they were unhappy or unwell. We as a family made many friends through the school with other students, parents, and school staff. We will really miss you all!

Thanks for having us and allowing us to be a part of a great school community. 

We are confident that the girls will adjust really well to their new school in Australia because of their experience at ISC.

Kelly, Ben, Audrey and Scarlett

June 29, 2015

June, 2015

Oz Tag

During the last term, the Oz Tag Intramural competition was held. For those of you not familiar with what Oz Tag is, it is a non-contact team game played with a rugby ball. As a parent, I am delighted that this sport is an after school activity each year. An education, as far as I am concerned, is more than just passing examinations and, as we have just all witnessed, the primary production of Alice in Wonderland was of an excellent standard. What we tried to teach the students was that winning, while important, is not as important as sportsmanship and consequently there were bonus points awarded for good sportsmanship. It was somewhat surprising that the team with the least number of result points was actually the top team for sportsmanship. There was one incident, where a defender accidentally knocked a player over and, rather than tag the attacker with the ball, helped up the player who they had knocked over. It has been a joy and a pleasure helping during the past two years and I trust when playing a game, that the sportsmanship that they have displayed during this competition, will continue and stand them all in good standing in the future for whatever sport they are playing.

Mr Roly Bennett

February 20, 2015

"Dear Team of International School of Chonburi,

Last July we left Thailand and your school.

Already 6 months passed and I apologize to write you after so long time, but we had to face some hardships and the new balance required a bit of time, so I could not concentrate on other things.

It is still very important for me to tell you that with you we spent four wonderful years and our Valentina, who was one year and ten months when we came to you,  turned into a very open, bright and self-confident girl.

I have to thank you for your love, your professionalism, and the ability to create an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

You were not only a school, but also a family for Valentina and me.

I have been heard and supported, you helped me to express my creativity in the school and out of it.

You were also able to create a welcoming environment that would allow the aggregation of parents, helping them to fit into a foreign country.

In Poland we got a great international school of which we are very happy, but we could not find the same warmth and the same opening.

For me and my daughter you will remain forever our school.

I want to thank all the teachers, Ms Lynn, Ms Rita (which became an  important a friend), Ms Brianna and khun Ae, for their immense talent.

I thank Ms Laxmi, to have created this school.

Special thanks to Ms Linden that for me was a friend and a special reference for four years.

We love you.

Laura Bassi, Dino and Valentina Franceschini

September 5, 2014

Dear ISC Team,

Being back in Germany and finally somewhat settled I just wanted to write a you a quick note and a big thank you!

When Emil started school in 2012 he was still a baby in my eyes: not used to be separated from us and quite shy towards other children and adults.

Within the first year I saw him turning into a little boy happily taking his school bag in the morning waving me good bye.  He started to communicate with other children and he easily picked up the english language (although we are german speaking at home).

I am pretty sure that his development is a result of your very dedicated and warm hearted work at ISC and I would like to say a very special Thank you to Ms Gede and Ms Rita, Emils teachers. Our all over experience with your school was very positive and your open and friendly premises left a lot room for parents chats and informal exchanges. And although we are happy  to be back home with our families friends and although Emil settled very well in his new school here we miss you guys a lot! Take care and stay well!


May 29, 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ISC for all the attention and affection given to our sons Jared and Rohan during their time there. A special thanks to Ms Linden, Ms Laxmi, Ms Brianna, Ms Lynne and Khun Ae for all the love and time spent helping our sons. 

We moved to California in September 2013 after living in Thailand for 2 1/2 years. Our sons went into private school here and the difference is amazing. It made me realize how special ISC really is. At ISC the children are really loved and become part of a big family.

Our eldest son has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and his behavior can be sometimes challenging but at ISC he was loved and nurtured by Khun Ae and Ms Brianna. They brought out the best in him.

I truly believe ISC has helped shaped my sons into to lovely, caring little people. I am so proud of their acceptance of all cultures and race which they embraced while at ISC.

Thank you ISC and I will treasure the memories of our time there.

We miss you...

The Coughlins....  Jared, Rohan, Shelley & Sam x

April 25, 2013

Before my son and I came to ISC, I had a lot of problems with my son because he didn't have self-confidence and didn't speak English. So, when I enrolled at ISC, I told my expectations to ISC that I want my son to have self-confidence.

What happened is beyond my expectations. My son has a lot of self-confidence and can speak English. Nowadays conversations between my sons is using English language.

I am very proud of ISC. Sho loves his school so much and also loves lunch at school (very yummy) ;-)

Thank you very much to Ms. Laxmi, Ms. Linden, Ms. Lily, Khun Auy, Khun Phu and all staff in ISC for your support.

Kindest regards,

November 30, 2012

Shreya loves her school and talks proudly about the activities she does each day with her friends in class. Sometimes she even surprises her dad with her long sentences in English and songs in Thai! we see the progress in her behaviour and vocabulory daily.

Sad that she is, (we too are) going to miss her school.

Thank you Ms. Laxmi, Ms. Linden, Ms.Rita, Khun Nuch, Khun Pu and all staffs in ISC for your guidance and support.The punctuality & professionalism you practise & hardwork you do in organising all the events at school are simply superb. It was wonderful being a part of ISC community!

Best Regards,

Roopa, Venu, Shreya n Smriti.

June 25, 2012

We would like to thank Ms. Mary, Mrs. Linden and Mrs. Laxmi for your endurance and professionalism with us and, most of all, with Emir. We're happy that Emir enjoys the time he spends at school, and we can see his improvements every day. Thank you again. We wish you a great summer vacation and we'll see in September! Alex, Fatma, Emir and Malika.

March 6, 2012

The various activities you provide for Tyler (and his classmates) appear to be exactly what he needs. Tyler's speaking so clearly now, and his command of the English language is advancing so quickly that my wife may soon take lessons from him! Kindest regards, Todd Replogle

January 30, 2012

It's been fantastic meeting you and other wonderful teachers and staff. It is so sad that we have to say goodbye to you and also to the lovely friends of Kosei. As you can see Kosei LOVES school now --every morning he jumps into the school bus with a big smile and comes back home with even a bigger smile! Thank you very much for making his life and also our lives so happy. Tomoko

October 6, 2011

I know you are used to giving feedback about the kids day at school, but now you'll receive some feedback about the effect of all your fun stuff regarding our family life! ;-) First of all Olivier wants to draw and color about every day now! But most of all we've had a great time with the 'little black bears'! Our living room and kitchen are divided by a 'bar' (row of cabinets with countertop) so my husband relived some childhood memories by hiding behind it and make the little black bears have all kinds of adventures while Olivier and his little sister Mathilde (were supposed to) ate their lunch, laughing out loud. We had a lot of fun playing puppet-show and were inspired to lots of other games too! So keep up the fun stuff, it's nice for the dad's too! ;-) regards, Claas

September 27, 2011

Dear Laxmi, Linden, Mary, and to all the staff at I.S.C.,

We're just home from International Day and looking at our pictures and talking to Daddy on the phone all about the day's festivities and I would just like to say congratulations on a well-organized, thoughtful, and fun event. It is easy to see all of your hard work and it is so appreciated. It means so much for the kids and our families to make a connection to our home nations while living abroad and to see the children feeling proud of themselves and where they come from is just wonderful. I hope you all get a well-deserved break this afternoon!

Thank you for all that you do!

Nancy, Jared, Morgan, and Glen

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